The creative studio of the future.

We bring together the best of commercials, entertainment, immersive media, and telepathy to create world-class content that blurs the line between advertising and originality.

Our close-knit team is run more like a family, built upon an ethos of personal expression, collaboration, and exploration that allows us to generate artistic solutions to nearly any creative problem.

You may be thinking “I don’t know if that’s what I need…” In which case, we will say, “Let us show you.” That’s where the telepathy comes in. 



Zach Mortensen 212-343-0900
Head of Production

Kacie Barton 212-343-0900 x304
Staff Producer

Sarah Nadeau 212-343-0900 x306
Studio Manager

Jack Wallace 212-343-0900 x308
Staff Production Coordinator

Jake Eisner 212-343-0900 x307

Internship Program

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Commercials, USA

Free Agents 212-255-2252
Music Videos, USA

Las Bandas 323-899-1559
Music Videos, UK

Las Bandas +44 (0)7435 130275


Ghost Robot Global HQ

346 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211