The creative studio of the future.

We bring together the best of commercials, music videos, entertainment, and telepathy to create world-class content that blurs the line between advertising and originality.

Our close-knit team is run more like a family, built upon an ethos of personal expression, collaboration, and exploration that allows us to generate artistic solutions to nearly any creative problem.



Zach Mortensen 212-343-0900 x 7001
Executive Producer

Kacie Barton 212-343-0900 x 7003
Head of Business Development

Justin Medley 212-343-0900 x7008
Staff Producer

Sarah Nadeau 212-343-0900 x 7004
Staff Production Manager

Dan Fabi 212-343-0900 x 7006
Studio Manager

Jack Wallace 212-343-0900 x 7005
Graphic Designer

Jenna Ipcar

Internship Program

Internship Program Info


Commercials, East Coast & West Coast

Free Agents 212-255-2252
Commercials, Mid-West

ONE at Optimus 312-752-8912
Music Videos, USA

Las Bandas 323-899-1559
Music Videos, UK

Las Bandas +44 (0)7435 130275


Ghost Robot Global HQ

346 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211