A creative studio of the future.

We bring together the best of commercials, entertainment, immersive media, and telepathy to create world-class content that blurs the line between advertising and originality.

Our close-knit team is run more like a family, built upon a unique company ethos of personal expression, collaboration, and exploration that allows us to generate solutions to nearly any creative problem.

You may be thinking “I don’t know if that’s what I need…” In which case, we will say, “let us show you”. That’s where the telepathy comes in. 



Zach Mortensen

zach@ghostrobot.com 212-343-0900
Head of Production

Kacie Barton

kacie.barton@ghostrobot.com 212-343-0900 x304
Staff Producer

Sarah Nadeau

sarah.nadeau@ghostrobot.com 212-343-0900 x306
Staff Post Producer

Ingrid Jacobson

ingrid.jacobson@ghostrobot.com 212-343-0900 x308
Studio Manager

Jess Pardue

jess.pardue@ghostrobot.com 212-343-0900 x310


Commercials, USA

Free Agents

patricia+xavier@freeagents.co 212-255-2252
Music Videos, USA

Las Bandas

Music Videos, UK

Las Bandas

+44 (0)7435 130275


Ghost Robot Global HQ

346 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211