Building other worlds.™

Ghost Robot was founded in 2005 by Zachary Mortensen and Mark De Pace. Driven by the desire to create a stable foundation for creative storytelling, they designed a studio based around a slate of young, innovative directors, utilizing short form media as a means to grow a brand and create content with a distinct creative voice.

Music Videos, Commercials, Branded Content and Short Films have effectively established Ghost Robot as a creative force, consistently generating work with visual flair and technical acumen. Known for their experimental attitude, hands-on approach, and collaborations with notable musicians, comedians, artists and brands, their work has garnered press and accolades the world over.


Creative Development

Some of our best work comes from being able to workshop ideas with our clients and key creative team. Whether it's writing, design, strategy or research, we want to be involved in the earliest stage of any project.


Shooting great film remains one of our core competencies. Our collective production experience and vast pool of collaborators allow us to tackle nearly any production challenge.

Post Production

Our Brooklyn studio houses nearly 2,500 square feet of post-production resources. We offer offline and online editorial, color correction, design, animation and compositing, complete with a ping-pong table and skee ball machine.


Zachary Mortensen

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Mark De Pace

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Kacie Barton

Head of Production

Sarah Nadeau

Staff Producer

Ingrid Jacobsen

Staff Post Producer

Jess Pardue

Studio Manager

Jake Eisner

Staff Production Coordinator