The Gatecrashers

A Near Future SciFi Universe

The Gatecrashers is an original IP created by Zachary Mortensen.  The Gatecrashers launched, to critical acclaim, as a comic series and website in fall 2014 and landed on both Bleeding Cool and The Village Voice ‘Best Of the Year’ lists. Ghost Robot is publishing the comic series independently and currently developing the IP for film, TV, Games and VR.

“Zachary Mortensen’s whip-smart plot interweaves corporate terrorism with street-level heroics.”

– R.C. Baker // The Village Voice
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Project Info
Creator Zachary Mortensen
Artist Sutu
Producer Diana Williams
Best Comics and Graphic Novels 2014 The Village Voice
Top 15 of 2014 Comics Bleeding Cool
Current Titles
A Night of Gatecrashing Issue 01
Next Drop Issue 02
Off The Skyway Issue 03
City of Mercy Issue 04
Suitcase Full of Eyeballs Issue 05
Moeketsi Issue 06
La Carnicería Issue 07
Lem & Eightball One Shot
A Night of Gatecrashing Book One (Issues 01 - 04)
A Night of Gatecrashing Book Two (issues 05 - 07)
The Gates - Issue 01
D08 Gate
Dane Training
Melita's Homework

The World

The Gatecrashers is set in Palomar City, an overpopulated, tightly-packed, American mega-city. The stories in this near-future sci-fi world rocket from the dangerous, high-octane lifestyle of ambulance drivers, nicknamed Gatecrashers, to the back-stabbing politics of city hall; from behind the doors of Palomar General, the busiest public emergency room in the world, to the illicit wetware markets of the streets.

Working with Eisner Award nominated artist, Sutu, and producer Diana Williams, Mortensen is crafting multiple story lines in this multi-layered world. The first series is “A Night of Gatecrashing” and all available issues are currently collected in two books. Pick one up in our Grand Quarterly shop or over on

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A Night of Gatecrashing Storyline

When a bomb explodes in the center of a densely packed protest rally, Gatecrasher Hex Spencer is first on the scene and what begins as a routine call shifts into a life-threatening chase through choked streets of Palomar City. Hex’s only concern is saving her patient and collecting her fee but with each turn she is drawn further into a complex web of the dangerous forces surging through the corridors of power that will destroy anything – or anyone – that gets in their way.

Welcome to Palomar City, a tightly-packed, overpopulated American mega-city. Over the last sixty years, a series of traffic control devices known as Gates have transformed this thriving metropolis into a pressure cooker of political tension that is on the verge of exploding. One of the only groups with unrestricted passage through the Gates are the emergency medical teams, nicknamed “The Gatecrashers,” who find themselves in the middle of a building conflict that threatens to tear Palomar City apart once and for all.

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