Dinner with friends...

It’s Thanksgiving, and Amy and Alex are in love. But Alex’s plans to marry his girlfriend are disrupted by the arrival of Will — A stranger, introduced as Amy’s brother. when Alex and Will find themselves on a hike together the next day, Alex confronts his suspicions, and discovers Will’s true identity as Amy’s former lover. With a rival at the door, and his fiance’s intentions called into doubt, Alex must reexamine a future that had once seemed so certain. over a tumultuous two days, romance becomes resentment as questions of love, ideology, and commitment are all brought to bear on the lives of these three young New Yorkers.

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Project Info
Director Adam Newport-Berra
Producer Allie Laporte
Producer Mark De Pace
Producer Zachary Mortensen
Benjamin Dickinson
Samantha Jacober
Matthew Chastain
Selected Festivals
Rooftop Films