First Winter

A stark metaphysical parable.

The debut film by Clinton Hill-based director Ben Dickinson imagines a group of 20-something Brooklyn yoga devotees isolated at an upstate cabin when an apocalyptic event strikes the city. The lights go out. Resources must be rationed. A brutally cold wind sweeps in. Personalities clash. Can these college-educated sophisticates survive the hard way without going primal? [excerpt from – Steve Dollar]

“First Winter” knows what it is: a stark metaphysical parable that contemplates the superficiality and fragility of modern civilization. It haunted me the first time I saw it and even more so the second time.” – Stephen Holden / New York Times

Watch it here:

Project Info
Director Benjamin Dickinson
Producer Mark De Pace
Producer Zachary Mortensen
New York Times Critic's Pick
Sun Valley Film Festival One in a Million Award
Lindsay Burdge
Samantha Jacober
Jennifer Kim
Benjamin Dickinson
Paul Manza
Select Festivals
Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere