Choking Man

Queens, NY over 100 Languages spoken in 3 square miles

Ecuadorian immigrant Jorge makes a meager living scrubbing dishes in a Queens, N.Y. diner. Constantly harassed by the restaurant’s overbearing manager, Jerry, Jorge yearns for romance with the new waitress, Amy. But he’s hampered by his severe shyness and the fact that Jerry’s also interested in her. While working his life away and dying on the inside, Jorge escapes to a series of vividly imagined fantasy worlds.


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Project Info
World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival 2006
Director Steve Barron
Producer Joshua Zeman
Producer Zachary Mortensen
Gotham Awards Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You
Octavio Gomez Beríos Jorge
Aaron Paul Jerry
Eugenia Yuan Amy
Mandy Patinkin Rick