Reggie Watts – “Waves” VR

Reggie Watts is pretty cool. He's even cooler in 360º.

VR Start-up WEVR approached GR to come up with ideas for awesome VR collaborations. “Let’s talk to Benjamin Dickinson and Reggie Watts”, we said. Ben and Reggie jammed over some tea and the far-out concept for “Waves” was born. Reggie will take you on a philosophical journey down the rabbit-hole that is life, perform a song, and battle the all powerful being. Super simple. Nathalie Emmanuel of Game of Thrones was cast as Reggie’s companion.

We shot in LA with both a GoPro 360º rig and a side-by-side Red rig for all the VFX footage.  Editorial took place at GR with WEVR handling the massive VFX and animation workload.  All-in-all, the project took 10 months from conception through delivery.

Project Info
Director Benjamin Dickinson
Collaborators WEVR, Reggie Watts
Sundance 2016 New Frontiers

Where To See It

“Waves” premiered at Sundance’s New Frontiers program in 2016. Reggie became an immediate advocate for the future of VR.  Ben and Reggie did lots of interviews. And someone made this really funny image.

You can now find on Wevr Transport.

Sundance Film Festival 2016