Ikea – “Fly Robot, Fly”

A practical fantasy set in a digital world.

Mother, London came to Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura with a modern fable of a dad trying to learn how to play again. Except the dad is a robot, his kids are a bat and an eagle, and the fable is an ad for Ikea’s new line of toys and costumes.

Daren set about designing the characters and fairy-tale world and we assembled a team of nearly 30 artists to fabricate the props and set, working out of a temporary studio at the Pfizer Building in Brooklyn. After a month of fabrication, the elements were transported to a green screen stage in Greenpoint, where the team embarked on an epic 4-day shoot. A technocrane, wire work, and crash pads were all involved. It wasn’t always pretty, but the final product sure does stand out.

The final scene was shot at a real home in London and the massive post job was handled by MPC’s legendary London office. A Hudson Mohawk remix of a Battles track was the final icing on the cake.

Project Info
Client Ikea
Agency Mother, London
Director Encyclopedia Pictura
Post Production MPC, London
Co-Producers Strange Beast, London