Helmet AR App

An AR App for Artists, Brands, and other people with iPhones.

As explorers of all things visual and futuristic, we’ve been longtime AR aficionados at Ghost Robot. We even made a movie about it.

While everyone thinks VR is SUPER cool, we actually think AR is where it’s at. So we made this app as a way to start introducing AR experiences to clients and friends and our parents (they think it’s amazing). With that said, we’re proud to introduce HELMET – an AR App that lets you bring another level of fun to printed materials.

The app was designed with our friends at Milkshake and developed by a small studio in Europe called BidOn Games. It’s currently available on the iTunes store and always in the process of being tweaked and perfected.

Project Info
User Interface Milkshake Studios
Development BidOn Games

Brooklyn Brewery – Comic Con

Brooklyn Brewery – Beer Mansion


Helmet had it’s maiden voyage at Brooklyn Brewery’s 2017 Beer Mansion tour. We took a series of posters designed by Doyle & Partners and added a bespoke layer of animation designed by director Lorenzo Fonda.

The posters were hung at Beer Mansion events around the world. Most people were charmed. Some were confused. But maybe they were just drunk.

Each video below was shot and recorded through the Helmet App. There was no trickery involved.

Beer Mansion AR Videos