Ghost Robot – “Grand Quarterly”

A zine. A pop-up shop. And an event series.

Grand Quarterly is Ghost Robot’s storefront shop and gallery.  Every quarter, a new theme is introduced with merchandise and art created and sourced around that theme.

Going along with each new installation is the Grand Quarterly Zine – a 1/4-fold newsprint broadsheet with two articles, an illustrated back page and a full size poster on the reverse side.

The zine and series of events is a new way for people to interact with Ghost Robot, learn about what inspires us, and a vehicle for us to produce and promote our own original content.

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Issue 01 – Sally Tran + Print All Over Me

Featuring: Sally Tran, Print All Over Me, Fools Gold, Andrea Bergart, Hannibal Buress, Benjamin Dickinson, and Preston Spurlock.

Rain Coat

Andrea Bergart

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Ghost Robot -

Last Minute Halloween Costumes by Hannibal Buress and Benjamin Dickinson.

Illustrated by Preston Spurlock


Issue 02 – The Sucklord

Featuring: Joey Garfield, The Sucklord, 20 Sided Store, Amber Schaefer, Lauren Bilanko, and augmented reality art by Sutu.

Issue 03 – Yo Solve Cuba

Featuring: Lorenzo Fonda, Jennifer Oldfield, Joey Garfield, Preston Spurlock, Kangorilla, Fluorescent Hill, and the Gatecrashers.

Yo Solve Cuba
Ghost Robot Crew 2016
Ghost Robot Shop

Issue 04 – The “Creative Control” Issue

Featuring: Benjamin Dickinson, Adam Newport-Berra, Heems, Paul Manza, Jake Lodwick, Gavin McInnes, Reggie Watts, Teddy Blanks, Justin Nelson, and John Malta

Ghost Robot Shirt
Digital Girlfriend Shirt

Heems + Manza

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Ghost Robot -

Thoughts on the Future by Jake Lodwick, Reggie Watts, and Gavin McInnes.

Illustrated by John Malta

Ghost Robot -
Ghost Robot -

Issue 05 – 1m1w1d Summer Art Show

Featuring Art By: Rachel Levit, Anna Ritsch, Angela Deane, and Lexi Smith.


Ghost Robot -
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