Ford Fusion – “The Ultimate Thank You Basket”

We once gave away a Ford Fusion. All you had to do was Tweet.

While working on our Random Act’s of Fusion campaign, we discovered people really liked the new Ford Fusion and couldn’t keep it to themselves. In partnership with Youtube, we decided to host a 3-hour live webcast, where viewers would have a chance to win lots of cool prizes, including a brand new Ford Fusion. 

All you had to do was mention the Fusion in a tweet and if our team of hand picked judges deemed it worthy, you were rewarded in spectacular fashion. Maybe with a song by comedian/musician Dave Hill, a chocolate bust of his likeness, a new TV, a banjo, and if you were the lucky one, a car.

Driving traffic via a Youtube banner takeover, the live show hosted 80,000 concurrent viewers at it’s peak.

Project Info
Agency Team Detroit
Director Benjamin Dickinson
The D Show Interactive Advertising